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Kashmiri striving to regain their lives after worst floods

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(Srinagar-AlummahWorld, Dhul-AlHijjah 24, 1435, 18 Oct 2014) Peoples of Jammu & Kashmir region striving to regain their lives after worst floods in September this year which caused wider house destruction, loss of livestock and other businesses. The disaster described as an “unprecedented catastrophe” has devastated Kashmir, the Himalayan region divided between India and Pakistan. While people of Jammu and Kashmir were facing catastrophe, government of India was too slow to respond and faces severe criticism from the e ach circle of the massess in occupied land. In Indian occupied Kashmir there have been attacks by flood victims on rescue teams who have asked for armed escorts.

On the Indian occupied side of the border, more than 200 people reportedly were killed and another 275,000 were evacuated after homes, shops and other buildings across the region were inundated. In the area of Azad Kashmir, at least 328 people have died and more than 276,600 have been evacuated, with the floods affecting more than 3,000 villages extending into the country’s Punjab region.
Widespread ignorance from Indian government and their forces in Kashmir sparking a new anger among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Many peoples and politicians were accusing Indian government for systematic ignorance delay in providing prompt rescue. After almost one month since the heavy floods, people are helping each other to rebuild their houses and livelihood.

Mir Waiz

Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, Chairman Hurriyat Conference (M)

Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq exuded hope that resilient people of Kashmir who have been severely affected by devastating floods will valiantly rise from damage caused by the deluge.
“In this hour of enormous challenge, Kashmiris should not lose hope and have faith in Almighty Allah. I believe Kashmiris who have shown unflinching resilience during last two decades will valiantly rise again after suffering damage to their properties and losing means of livelihood,” Mirwaiz said addressing Friday congregation at historic Jamia Masjid here.
According to local media in Srinagar, Mirwaiz minced no words to highlight the growing menace of social evils in Kashmir. “The flood fury should serve as eye-opener for us. In the run up to make more wealth and achieve high positions in career, people are swaying away from religious teachings. The menace of drugs is gradually consuming a large number of our youth. Unscrupulous traders are resorting to hoarding and profiteering. Corruption has become rampant in every sector. It is high time to introspect and seek forgiveness from Almighty Allah and religiously follow Islamic teachings,” Mirwaiz said.