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Saudi Arabia is still at the forefront of fighting terrorism: Saud Al Faisal

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld, Safar 12, 1436, 04 Dec 2014) Prince Saud Al Faisal, Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been and is still at the forefront of fighting terrorism as demonstrated by its participation in the international coalition to fight the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organisation in Iraq and Syria. Saudi Arabia has been playing a major role to combat terrorism in the region.

The minister stated that the kingdom’s hosting of the regional conference to confront the armed terrorist groups in the region in Jeddah last September formed the nucleus of this international coalition against Daesh. The contribution of the Kingdom has not been confined to participation in military operations against the group, but also has extended to include in one hand the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people and in the other coordination with the international community to dry up the financing sources of terrorist groups and expose the criminal nature of these groups, which are contrary to the tolerant teachings of Islam.

“We are all aware that countering terrorism will take a long time, and require a continuing effort. It is out of the Kingdom’s keenness on the continuation of the cohesion of this coalition and the success of its efforts, we believe that these efforts require the presence of combat troops on the ground,” the minister said in a speech before the international conference of the partner countries in the coalition against ISIS held in Brussels.

“Achieving this end in Syria, there is an urgent need to strengthen the forces of moderation represented in the Syrian free army and all other moderate opposition forces, and to seek their annexation with the regular forces within the framework of transitional ruling authority set forth in Geneva Declaration 1, except for those who committed war crimes against humanity and stained their hands with the blood of innocent Syrians.”
This matter, he added, would unite the efforts of these forces to be used to purge the Syrian territory of all terrorist organisations, which occupy one-third of Syria’s territory.

With regard to Iraq, the Saudi foreign minister said: “It requires the unity of the internal front, the restructure of the army under a collective doctrine, its rehabilitation with national and comprehensive participation by all components of the Iraqi people away from the sectarian exclusion policy with the removal of all aspects and activities of armed militias working outside the framework of the Iraqi State.
“In conclusion, I hope that this conference would translate all the presented ideas into mechanisms that would achieve the goals of the international coalition against terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.