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Arab League criticizes Kerry's call for Palestinians to delay UNSC move

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld, 4 Rabi-Al Awwal 1436, 26 Dec 2014) The Arab League described as "a wrong assessment" the US Secretary of State John Kerry's call for Palestinian officials to adjourn their plan to present a draft resolution to the UN Security Council demanding an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.

This remark was made by the Assistant Arab League Secretary General for Palestinian and Occupied Arab Territories Affairs Ambassador Mohammad Subeih following an Arab League Council meeting on the Palestinian cause.

Subeih noted that the conferees have discussed the Arab efforts to rally international support for the UNSC draft resolution.
"In this regard, the Secretary General Nabil Al-Araby informed the conferees about the outcome of his Arab League delegation's visit to Paris and London and the meetings it held with French, British and American foreign ministers as well as the contacts made with major players in the UN and the UNSC," Subeih said He added that Al-Araby also briefed the council about the outcome of his talks with senior Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Authority Delegate to the Arab League Ambassador Jamal Al-Shubaki admitted that the Palestinian move is facing huge challenges.
"Matters are not going smooth and require huge efforts to get the support of nine UNSC members and avoid a US veto," Palestinian Authority Delegate to the Arab League Ambassador Jamal Al-Shubaki said.
He expressed Palestinian dismay of the US stance and calls for delay.
"If the US blocked the UNSC resolution through the veto, the Palestinian President has explained the steps he plans to take, at the forefront of which going to the UN organizations (to apply for membership)," he concluded.

Similarly, Ahmed Al-Jarwan, the Speaker of Arab parliament, urged the parliaments of UN Security Council member states to vote in favor of the Palestinian state proposal to be cast at the council to establish an independent Palestinian state.
A statement issued by the Arab parliament said today that Al-Jarwan has sent letters to UN Security Council member states parliaments, saying that their support of a Palestinian state would be appreciated by all Arab peoples and would contribute to bringing about peace in the region and evade more instability and turmoil.

Al-Jarwan said the Arab and Palestinian leaderships as well as the Arab peoples have opted for peace as a strategic option through negotiations as a way to end the Israeli occupation and obtain the legitimate Palestinian rights, particularly their right in self-determination acknowledged by all international legislations and laws in this regard.