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Mohammed bin Rashid attends launch of UAE annual official Foreign Aid Report

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(Abu Dhabi-AlummahWorld, 13 Rabi ath-Thani 1436, 02 Feb 2015) Sheikh Mohammed underlined that the UAE has been ranked first globally as the largest donor of humanitarian aid in 2013 in proportion to its gross national income, adding that its assistance touched over AED21.6 billion in 2013, exceeding the highest percentage registered by any country in 50 years, Emirates News Agency reported.

While attending at Emirates Palace the launch ceremony of the UAE Annual Foreign Aid Report for 2013, released by the Ministry of Development and International Cooperation (MICAD), Sheikh Mohammed said, "The reason the UAE is leading the world in terms of giving, emanates from the legacy chalked out by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and which is being sustained by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his brothers, the UAE Rulers." He added that the UAE has more than 38 humanitarian organisations that deliver donations across the world.

During the ceremony, Sheikh Mohammed honoured 38 humanitarian donor organisations, saying, "The UAE does not offer conditional assistance or wait for any interest in return. It only looks for stability and welfare of all peoples." The Vice President expressed his satisfaction with the report, reiterating that the documented humanitarian assistance's volume "reflects the forefathers' humanitarian values outlined by the founding fathers of the Union in accordance with the teachings of Islam, and in compliance with our national and humanitarian principles." According to the report launched by Sheikh Mohammed, the UAE's total Foreign Aid for 2013 stood at AED21.63 billion, equivalent to $5.89 billion.

Regarding the types of assistance, the development foreign aid for 2013 touched AED20.46 billion, constituting 96.6 per cent of the total aid, compared with AED5.07 billion in 2012. Meanwhile, the charity accounted for AED640 million, or about 2.95 per cent of the total foreign aid. The humanitarian assistance stood at AED530 million or about 2.45 per cent of the total foreign aid in 2013, compared to AED400 million in 2012.

In keeping with the UAE's philosophy in providing foreign aid, which contributes to strengthening and upgrading the development capacity of the beneficiary countries, about 63.64 percent aid worth AED13.77 billion of the total aid given by the UAE was issued as grants to the recipient countries. Meanwhile, the assistance in the form of loan accounted for 36.36 percent.
At the level of official development assistance documented by the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 2013, about 61.3 percent of the total aid was in the form of grants worth AED12.4 billion, while 38.78 percent accounted for loans.

With regard to the geographical distribution of the UAE aid in 2013, about AED21.63 billion, the lion's share of the assistance worth AED18.1 billion, went to the African countries, compared with AED958 million in 2011, while the recipients of the UAE aid in Asia received AED2.7billion. Europe, the Americas, Oceania and other countries received AED811million.
Regarding the UAE donors of aid for the year 2013, the governmental assistance was ranked at the top and accounted for 82.6 percent of the total paid assistance worth AED17.9 billion, equivalent to $4.8 billion. The assistance from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development ranked second with a value of AED1.7 billion, equivalent to $458 million.

The AED777 million equivalent to the $211.5 million aid provided by the Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation came in the third place, constituting 3.59 per cent of the total aid, while the Emirates Red Crescent Authority was ranked fourth with AED566.5 million equivalent to $154.22 million, accounting for 2.62 percent of the total aid.