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Obama broke the silence, denounced three Muslim student killing in North Carolina

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( Washington-AlummahWorld, 25 Rabi ath-Thani 1436, 14 Feb 2015 )

US President Barack Obama broke the silence by denouncing the killing of three Muslim students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina as "brutal and outrageous murders".

It took four days to Mr. Obama to denounce the killing of three Muslims students including two women by a neighbor.

In a statement, President Obama said no one in the US should be targeted for "what they look like" or "how they worship".
His comments came after criticism from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan over Mr Obama's silence on the case.

With a suspect in custody, police are still investigating the motive, amid family claims it was a hate crime. Many neighbors also were quoted as saying that it was a hate crime but media in US and some other western countries minimizing the weight of hate crime by reporting that killer was involved in car parking disputes.

Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and her sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha were found dead on Tuesday evening in their home near the University of North Carolina, where Mr Barakat was a dental student.

Craig Hicks, a neighbour of the students, has been charged with the murders. He also frequently posted quotes critical of religion.

President Obama called the murders "brutal and outrageous" and said the FBI would be investigating whether any "federal laws were violated".
"As we saw with the overwhelming presence at the funeral of these young Americans, we are all one American family."

More than 5,000 people attended a funeral on Thursday for the three students. Neighbours told the BBC Mr Hicks was involved in a series of parking disputes. Police also said that their initial investigation showed that there had been an ongoing parking dispute.
Family members of the victims say Mr Hicks had previously "picked on" the married couple and deliberately showed his firearm.

On Thursday, the Turkish president criticised Mr Obama and other top US officials for having not made any statement.
"If you stay silent when faced with an incident like this, and don't make a statement, the world will stay silent towards you," he said. President Erdogan is critical of the treatment of Muslims living in Western societies.