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NO to India`s permanent seat in UN Security Council, Sharif told Obama

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(Islamabad-AlummahWorld, 27 Rabi ath-Thani 1436, 16 Feb 2015) Reforming United Nations by offering a permanent seat in the Security Council to non committed nations carrying bitter and bloody conflict like occupied Jammu and Kashmir is not a fair game. US President Obama`s new tea cup darling Mr. Modi seems to be in a hurry up mood to gain the support to lead his racist government toward a power full chair among nations. Is Obama going to afford lobbying for India? No one is going to answer this question as Kashmiris are not and will never accept living with Hindu extremists.

Reiterating strong opposition to India’s bid for permanent membership of the UN Security Council in a telephonic conversation with US President Barack Obama, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said India continues to flout UN resolution on granting the people of Kashmir the right to self-determination.

President Obama called Sharif and discussed with him bilateral and regional issues against the backdrop of his visit to India last month.
Nawaz Sharif sought US support for Pakistan’s quest to be admitted in the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group.
“President Obama discussed his administration’s efforts to improve India-Pakistan relations,” the White House said in Washington. But very next day, Indian guns were on regular firing along Pakistani borders.

The US president made the call to “discuss bilateral and regional issues” with the PM and both leaders expressed “the intent to meet at a mutually convenient time,” said a statement the White House issued after the call which lasted nearly half an hour.

“The two leaders agreed to continue to work together to strengthen US-Pakistan relations and advance our shared interest of a stable, secure, and prosperous Pakistan and region,” the White House said. President Obama “discussed his recent visit to India, and noted that the United States supports all efforts by both nations to improve ties”. A statement issued by the spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office in Islamabad said Obama noted that the Zarb-i-Azb operation launched in North Waziristan was successfully progressing. Sharif told the US leader that Pakistan was concerned about the moves to make India a permanent member of the UN Security Council, as New Delhi had never implemented UN resolutions on Kashmir.

Meanwhile, diplomatic sources were quoted as saying that US President Barack Obama has influenced India for early resumption of talks with Islamabad and defusing tension in the region.  Despited such reports, no one in Islamabad is willing to grant any concession to India as New Delhi more actively trying to change the status of occupied Kashmir while engaging Pakistan in a proxy war in Afghanistan and along the each Pakistani borders with Afghanistan and India.