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Senior Saudi scholars defend country’s Islamic laws

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld, 30 Jumada I, 1436, 21 March 2015) The Council of Senior Scholars has defended the Kingdom’s judiciary, saying it is based on Islamic law and guarantees the rights of all people, the Arab News reported.
Sheikh Fahad bin Saad Al-Majed, secretary general of the council, said that Saudi Arabia is the center of the Islam world.

“The Kingdom is proud of its Islamic laws, which protects human rights, dignity and private property.”
Al-Majed said the country is “a beacon of light” for Muslims worldwide, with millions arriving every year for Haj and Umrah.

The attacks on Islamic law only served to strengthen the country, making it more determined to cling to the religion, under the leadership of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman, the crown prince and deputy crown prince, he said.

Meanwhile, according to media reports ,the Foreign Minister of Djibouti has denounced Sweden’s recent statements against Saudi Arabia, considering them an act of aggression against Muslims worldwide. 
The ambassador of Djibouti in the Kingdom, Diyaa Al-Din Bakharma, said that his country stands by the Kingdom in this matter. He said the attack on Saudi Arabia, widely considered the “cradle of Islam” targets all Muslims. These statements interfered in the Kingdom’s internal affairs, and could possibly contravene international law, he said. 

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom last week criticized Saudi Arabia’s judicial system over a case involving a Saudi blogger convicted of insulting Islam. There has been widespread anger in the Kingdom over her comments. The Minister may resignsoon as the her comments clearly damages diplomatic and business relations with the Saudi Arabia, Swedish critics indicating.