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Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi arrives in Saudi Arabia

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(Yemen-AlummahWorld, 07 Jumada ath Thaniyah 1436, 27 March 2015) Yemeni President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi arrives in Saudi Arabia due to uncertain situation in the country where Huthi rebel occupied the government facilities including Airport in capital Sana. Saudi led allied forces of GCC launched air strikes on Houthi rebels on Thursday which caused huge losses to the militant group. 

Meanwhile, sources loyal to Yemeni President Hadi have retaken the International Aden Airport driving Houthi militiamen out of the key air facility, Yemeni sources said on Thursday.

The Yemeni security sources, quoted by the media, said the pro-president armed popular committees have retaken control of the airport, hours after the Houthi militias, backed by forces loyal to the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, seized it.
The sources said the combat for control of the airport lasted for hours and that the fighting inflicted casualties.

The skies are in control of military aircraft of the Gulf-Arab alliance forces, commanded by Saudi Arabia, warplanes of which bombed Houthi strongholds in near Sanaa. The allied operation targets Houthi strongholds in Sanaa, Saada and Lahj.