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Speech of OIC Secretary General Iyad Ameen Madani at Arab Summit

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld, 08 Jumada ath Thaniyah 1436, 28 March 2015)

Bismillahi Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
May the peace and blessings of Allah be on the last prophet and on all the messengers.
Your Excellency President Abdelfattah El-Sisi, Chairman of the Summit;
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,
Your Majesties, Your Excellencies, Your Highnesses,
Your Excellency Dr. Nabil El Arabi, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States

Ladies and Gentlemen;
As-salam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which I am honoured to represent before you, always awaits the Arab summits with expectations and pins high hopes on them. This is because in the unity and cohesion of the Arab world there is strength for the entire Islamic Ummah. With its 57 Member States, the OIC is the strategic depth of the entire Arab world. These complementarities are reflected in our shared challenges and in the promising prospects that lie ahead of us.

Sectarian discord and extremist narrative are some of these challenges. It is unthinkable that the message of guidance, compassion, justice, equality and civilization belonging to an Ummah, from which the messenger of mercy (May Allah be pleased with him) was delivered, would lead to rupture and in-fighting. It is also unthinkable that the last of all divine messages, whose adherents would not be regarded to have full belief unless they believe in all messengers and messages, would be the one calling for dissonance, categorization, division and wrangling.

Therefore, if we wanted to search for the roots of sectarian fighting, we will only find it with those who believe that the sect should be a tool for influence, control, expansion and hegemony. The time has come for us to expose and deter them.

Extremist narrative, on the other hand, is a product of its own political context, as well as its social and economic environment, and it is completely alien to the creed, laws and objectives of Islam. It is also a result of outside infiltration for the sake of political agendas that aim to divide in order to rule and to weaken in order to survive. Understanding all this is the key to dismantling, countering and defeating extremist narrative.

Eminent leaders,
The OIC is standing by our brothers in occupied Palestine as they confront the occupation by the apartheid regime. Effort is ongoing to hold an extraordinary Islamic summit on Palestine and what has befallen our people there, including the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque; the dead-end to which more than 20 years of negotiations have reached and a return to negotiation on the basis of the Arab peace initiative and Palestine’s demands for specific and time-bound agenda. There is the need to break the monopoly of the sole mediator, which is more like a party than a mediator, to a wider mediation represented by the Quartet under a new leadership.

The OIC is also working hard and effectively to address the issues in Somalia, the African Sahel, northern Mali and Central African Republic. It is also working earnestly for the rights of our brothers in Myanmar, Kashmir and Nagorno Karabakh in Azerbaijan. It is in support of the Arab League’s role in Syria and Libya and pushing towards unity of rank in Iraq and Afghanistan. It has declared unequivocally its support for the steps taken by the states supporting constitutional legitimacy in Yemen.

Distinguished Leaders,
As the OIC is active in confronting crises by analyzing, understanding and dismantling them, we also work in the fields of the economy, education, cultural activity, scientific and technical integration, women empowerment and pay attention to the youth. We stand with the marginalized people and are open to the civil society on the basis of a strong strategy that strengthens the spirit of hope and confidence in a promising future, by God’s grace. In this we generously and confidently partner with the rest of the nations to shape the future of the world in terms of economy, technology and productivity and to achieve progress and scientific innovations.

The Arab world and the Islamic Ummah, with their culture, civilization, rich diversity and history of coexistence, tolerance and openness and youth are by the grace of God capable to rise, build and work in partnership, not only to live and survive, but also to set a civilisational model, a rights narrative and a cultural action and to build a society that will add strength and vitality to the future of humanity.

Eminent Leaders,
With your leadership, foresight, unity and strong positions, we would not need to look to others for our future. Rather we can build it with our own hands, throughout the land serving God, working, producing and building with the help of Allan the almighty.

Wa salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh.