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Heavy fighting in the Yemen`s southern city Aden between government forces and rebels

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(Aden-AlummahWorld, 10 Jumada ath Thaniyah 1436, 30 March 2015) In Yemen, heavy fighting is underway in southern port city Aden between government forces and rebels allied to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Dozen of rebels reportedly killed today on Monday near Aden airport. Forces and tribesmen loyal to Yemeni president Hadi Rubbah Al Mansoor fighting rebels to take control of Aden airport.

According Al Arabiya News Channel, forces allied to former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh are approaching the city of Aden where number of foreigners including Pakistani expatriates are stranded.
The forces reached 30 kilometers away from Aden as a brigade allied to Houthi rebels shelled civilian residences in al-Dalea governorate hours after similar attacks resulted in civilian casualties, according to health officials.

Sources said scores fled their homes in al-Dalea, as clashes continued in the al-Jalila area between locals and Houthis.
Meanwhile in Yemen’s southern Shabwa province, tribes on Sunday launched attacks on Houthi rebels and forces allied to Saleh, killing around 50 members of the militia.

Local residents in Aden asking Saudi led alliance to launch further air strikes against Houthis and former president Saleh forces.Yemeni officials were quoted as saying that up to 5000 troops from Saudi led coalition expected to reach port city of Aden within days.