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Sandstorm disrupts air traffic in Dubai

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(Dubai-AlummahWorld, 13 Jumada ath Thaniyah 1436, 02 April 2015) An intense sandstorm hit the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states on Thursday, disrupting traffic and delaying flights.
Fuelled by strong winds, the sandstorm reduced visibility to less than 500 meters and snarled traffic in Abu Dhabi.

The hazy weather conditions are expected to continue through Friday, according to UAE's National Center of Meteorology and Seismology.
Flight operations at Dubai and Al-Maktoum international airports were partially disrupted by the sandstorm while number of flights were cancelled.

The sandstorm was caused by a high pressure front from Saudi Arabia, which along with Qatar, has shut many of its schools in several parts of the country, citing "extreme weather conditions." Flight delays also occurred in many other Gulf countries due to reduced visibility.

Dubai International was the world’s busiest airport for international passenger traffic in 2014, replacing Heathrow for the first time, as 70.5 million passengers travelled through the airport.
Four incoming flights to DXB, the emirate’s main airport, were diverted to neighbouring airports and two flights had been rerouted to the airport from other unspecified destinations.

Meanwhile, eight flights were diverted into DWC, Dubai’s second airport which mainly handles cargo, from other regional airports.