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King Salman abandoned attending Camp David summit, Crown Prince Mohammed to represent Riyadh

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(Riyadh-AlummahWorld, 24 Rajab 1436, 13 May 2015) Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz has designated Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef to attend this week a Gulf Arab summit with U.S. President Barack Obama in Camp David. The King avoid Obama summit which also indicates some displeasure towards Washington as Saudi ally United State refrained playing a visible role to prevent Tehran`s growing influence in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Bahrain and elsewhere.

GCC states are deeply concerned regarding Iraian arms supplies to  rebels in Yemen and Tehran`s interference in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and other countries. 

The Saudi King confirmed he was sending Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to represent the kingdom.

The Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said the summit coincides with the start of a five-day humanitarian truce in Yemen and the opening of a humanitarian relief center that carries the Saudi monarch's name, SPA reported.

The summit will include all of the six nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on Thursday. It will begin at the White House and then continue at Camp David.

A U.S. source said last week that Obama was expected to make a renewed U.S. push at the summit to help Gulf allies create a region-wide defense system to guard against Iranian missiles as he seeks to allay their anxieties over the nuclear deal with Tehran.

On the other hand, many Arab analysts see upcoming summit meeting in Camp David an Obama push for Arab countries to purchase more sophisticated weapons and missile defence systems from Washington. There is growing public sense withing GCC states that US is no more an ally but an arms dealer who is offering concessions to Iran.

Possible arms purchases may also be concluded at the summit with Kuwait purportedly seeking the purchase of 28 Boeing Co F/A-18E/F Super Hornet advanced fighter jets, valued at over $3 billion.

KSA Crown Prince MOHAMMED Bin Naif

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Tuesday that Thursday’s summit is due to “focus on military cooperation, terrorism and Iranian intervention in the region.
“The Camp David summit will address Iran’s support to terrorist organizations and focus on Iran's intervention in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq,” Jubeir said.
"American's will also explain to Gulf delegates the details of their nuclear deal with Iran," Jubeir added.

All eyes are on Camp David as questions are raising whether President Obama would be able to reduce Arab concerns regarding Washington`s approch in dealing with Tehran.