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Muslims performed Friday prayers at Grand Mosque and Masjid Alnabvi

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld, Ramadan 04, 1436, June 21, 2015) Nearly one million Muslims from around the world gathered at the Grand Mosque in Makkah Al Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia, for the first Friday prayers in the holy month of Ramadan while hundreds of thousands are expected to join the prayers in coming days. 

Large number of Muslims also performed their first Ramadan Friday prayer at Masjid Alnabvi (pbuh) in the second most holy city, Madinah.

The floors, courtyards and recent expansion of the grand mosque were filled with worshippers from the kingdom and abroad from before sunrise.

There were large scale Iftar arrangements at the grand mosque and Masjid Alnabvi as well.

In Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries, Ramadan started on June 18 and will last for about 30 days, depending on the moon sighting.

Muslims fast between sunrise and sunset in a period of prayer and devotion to their faith. After the Ramadan, Muslims around the world celebrates Eid Al Fitr, a largest Islamic festival.