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UN adopted OIC proposed Resolution on Rohingya

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(Geneva-AlummahWorld, Ramadan 17, 1436, July 04, 2015) A resolution proposed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Myanmar titled " Situation of human rights of Rohingya Muslims and other minorities in Myanmar" (A/HRC/29/L.30) was adopted by consensus at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today, Friday, 3 July 2015. The adoption of this resolution without a vote conveys the strong support of the international community, particularly the member states of the HRC, to the content of this important resolution.

The resolution, proposed by Pakistan on behalf of the OIC, condemns the systematic gross violations of human rights and abuses committed in Rakhine State, in particular against Rohingya Muslims; and calls upon the Government of Myanmar to ensure the protection of human rights of all persons in Myanmar, including of Rohingya Muslims.

It also calls upon the Government of Myanmar to take the necessary measures to address the spread of discrimination and prejudice against Muslims and members of national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities across the country, and to put an end to the incitement of hatred against Muslims by publicly condemning such acts.

The resolution calls upon the Government of Myanmar to take all necessary measures to ensure accountability and to end impunity for all violations of human rights, including in particular against Muslims, by undertaking a full, transparent and independent investigation into reports of all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law. It also urges the Government of Myanmar to take all necessary measures to prevent the discrimination and exploitation, including through trafficking, of Rohingya Muslims and others by addressing the root causes compelling them to be more vulnerable and exposed to such acts; and urges the Government of Myanmar to protect places of worship belonging to all religions.

The resolution further calls upon the Government of Myanmar, in conjunction with the international community and in accordance with international law, to ensure the return of all refugees and persons displaced from their homes, including Muslims. Furthermore, it urges the Government of Myanmar to grant full citizenship rights, in keeping within a transparent due process, to Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine State, including by reviewing the 1982 Citizenship Law.

And finally, the resolution calls upon the Government of Myanmar to ensure full cooperation with all parties and to allow full access of humanitarian assistance to affected persons and communities, and in this regard urges the Government to implement the various cooperation agreements not yet implemented made between the authorities of Myanmar and the international community for the distribution of humanitarian aid to all affected areas, including Rakhine State, without any discrimination.

The OIC sincerely hopes that the Government of Myanmar will take the necessary measures to implement the resolution and alleviate the suffering of the Rohingya.

It is notable that Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar faces mass killing, displacement and ignorance as hundreds of Roginya Muslims were brutally killed by Budist mobs and their affiliates. Hundreds of thousands Rohingya Muslims were forced to leave their houses and areas. They fled the country and living in camps and shelters in neighboring Thailand or moving small boats at sea.