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US Secretary of State calls GCC foreign ministers

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(Riyadh-AlummahWorld, Ramadan 29, 1436, July 16, 2015) 

Secretary General of the Riyadh-based Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Dr. Abdullatif Bin Rashid Al-Zayani, said Wednesday that the GCC foreign ministers individually have received a telephone call from US Secretary of State John Kerry. According to Saudi News Agncy, Al-Zayani said Kerry briefed them on the details of the Iranian nuclear agreement.

Al-Zayani said the GCC foreign ministers expressed the hope that the agreement leads to allay all concerns over Iran's nuclear program in order to preserve regional security and stability and avert a nuclear arms race.
He added that Kerry stressed the US commitment to the results of the US-GCC summit in Camp David recently, and continue coordination and consultation and intensify efforts with the GCC countries so as to contribute to the development of common interests and promote security and stability in the region, pointing out that the two sides had agreed to hold a meeting in the region soon. 

After Tehran and six world power`s deal on Iranian nuclear program this week, GCC states are watching the developments cautiously to realize their assesment while Arab analysts indicating a fresh strategy towards regional security and GCC relations with Washington. According to diplomatic sources, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Doha and other capitals in the Arab world are not happy with the six world power`s compromise with Tehran on nuclear and economic sanction deal.

There are strong sentiments among Arabs to define a new strategic policy and security strategy to deal with the changing environment. Analysts are raising questions about Riyadh alliance with the Washington and urging an urgency to review GCC alliance with the world powers.