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Provocative Israeli Police intrusion into Al-Aqsa Mosque, Palestinians responded

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(Occupied Jerusalem-AlummahWorld, Shawwal 11, 1436, July 27, 2015) Israeli police once again entered into Al-Aqsa Mosque on Sunday with Jews extremists and brutally tortured Palestinian women who were protesting illegal attempt of Jews extremists to enter Al Aqsa Mosque compound.
Dozens of Israeli police officers stormed the compound of the mosque and fired percussion bombs and tear gas canisters at the worshippers who threw stones at the Israeli police.

TV reports shows that Israeli Police and other security forces beating Palestinian women within Al Aqsa Mosque. Earlier, violent clashes broke out at Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem when ultranationalist Israeli extremists forcefully tried to enter the compound under heavy presence of Israeli border police. Israeli police admitted that they went into the Al Aqsa mosque to shut the doors but people and media witnessed that bout 300 Israeli security personnel had entered the compound and they tortured Palestinians including women and girls students.

The Palestinian foreign ministry condemned Israeli authorities for allowing what they described as a “provocative” intrusion.

Sunday’s protests began when hardline Jews sought to access the mosque compound for Tisha B’av, an annual day of Jewish mourning commemorating the destruction in ancient times of the first and second Jewish temples.

Palestinians were angered by the intrusion because it was not allowed for Jews to enter the Al Aqsa mosque compound for any worship. Visits are allowed but Jewish prayer at the site is prohibited. Many Palestinian claims that Israeli prime minister directly allowed Jews extremists to enter Al Aqsa Mosque compound so that he can gain more support from hardliners.

Israel occupied east Jerusalem in the 1967 War and later illegally annexed it. Israel considers all of Jerusalem its capital but the Palestinians claim the eastern sector as the capital of their promised state. Some Jewish ultranationalist fringe groups, allegedly supported by Israeli government, want to build a Jewish temple at the site. All Palestinian rejects such claims and attempts by Jews extremists groups and Israeli government.

During Sunday protest around Al Aqsa mosque compound, number of Palestinians injured including women and students while Israeli police brutally arrested and tortured Palestinian men and women during the protest.

Meanwhile Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have shot dead 18 year old Mohammed Abu Lateefa  during Israeli raid on Qalandia refugee camp near Ramallah on Monday morning.
According to local witnesses, the Israeli border police forces opened fire at Abu Lateefa as he was running away across a roof.