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World condemns burn to death murder of Palestinian toddler by Israelis

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(Ramallah-AlummahWorld, Shawwal 16, 1436, August 1, 2015) Palestinian Authority, Arab League, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, US, Russia and United Nation Secretary General Ban Ki Moon strongly condemned Killing of Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabsha in the West Bank.

The 18-months old Palestinian toddler was burnt to death on Friday after a group of suspected Jewish attackers torched his house in the village of Duma, south of Nablus in Palestine, seriously injuring his parents and four-year-old brother, in an attack the Palestinian president Mahmoudd Abbas described as a “humanitarian crime.”

The house in Duma village, had its windows smashed and fire bombs thrown inside shortly before dawn as the family slept, the military and witnesses said. Graffiti in Hebrew reading “revenge” was scrawled outside, below a Star of David.

The child’s parents and four-year-old brother were flown by helicopter to an Israeli hospital where they were said to be in serious condition, officials said. A second house in the village was also set ablaze, but no one was at home.

It was the worst attack by Israeli assailants since a Palestinian teenager was burned to death in Jerusalem a year ago. That followed the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian militants in the West Bank.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly made a rare telephone call to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, condemning the murder.

According to several media reports, Netanyahu told Abbas “everyone in Israel was shocked by the reprehensible terrorism against the Dawabsha family” that killed the 18-month-old boy, his office said.

President Mahmoud Abbas told reporters earlier on Friday in Ramallah that after the attack on the house, "we are preparing a full file of the crime and other previous crimes and we will immediately send it to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and no one will stop us."

"Burning an innocent infant to death and wounding his parents and his 4-year-old brother, who are all in critical condition, is a crime added to the long record of crimes committed by settlers," Abbas said, who also slammed the Israeli government for encouraging and defending the settlers.
"Frankly speaking, this crime was committed by the Israeli government, because it encourages settlement and expands it everywhere and in every position in the West Bank and in Jerusalem," said Abbas.

He went on to call the arson as a "war crime" and a crime against humanity, therefore "we will not keep silent as long as this settlement exists and as long as this occupation exists."

Earlier, Nabil Abu Rdineh, a spokesman for Abbas, held Israel responsible for what he termed "the endless crimes committed on daily base against our people."
Islamic Hamas movement's spokesman in the West Bank Husam Badran said in an emailed press statement that "the crime of burning the house and killing the Palestinian child" can never be forgivable.

"The awful crime and the attacks on our people will make the occupation soldiers and settlers direct targets for the armed resistance attacks," said Badran.

Eyewitnesses told the Palestinian Ma'an news agency that they saw four settlers smashing windows of the homes before throwing flammable liquids and Molotov cocktails inside. The villagers tried to chase them but they fled towards the nearby Ma'aleh Efraim settlement.

Israel occupied the West Bank in the 1967 Mideast war and has controlled it ever since. The unauthorized settlements are built on lands the Palestinians see as their future state, and are considered illegal under international law.