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Islamic Relief USA family coordinates refugees crisis response in Europe

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(Virginia-AlummahWorld, Dhu-AlHijjah 2, 1436, September 16, 2015) Islamic Relief USA helping refugees in Italy and Germany while the organization planning to assist in Greece as well. According to Islmic Relief USA statement, one million Syrians have been displaced so far in 2015 alone, some for the second or third time. 7.6 million Syrians have been displaced in Syria. More than 4 million Syrian refugees are fleeing in dangerous conditions.

Islamic Relief USA donors have helped more than 3.5 million Syrians since the crisis began.

Islamic Relief has now declared an emergency to assist refugees coming into European countries.

The Islamic Relief global family has more than a dozen offices in 13 countries in Europe. Islamic Relief has helped refugees in Italy, and is helping refugees in Germany. Islamic Relief USA is planning to assist in Greece as well. This work will help Syrians as well as refugees from other countries.

Islamic Relief staff is on the ground across Europe helping those affected by this crisis–refugees have been helped in places like Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey and elsewhere, with aid like food, water, hygiene kits, translations services, map distributions and more.

As the crisis continues, and more refugees move into the mainlands and arrive on shore, the need for humanitarian aid increases—your support is essential.

Islamic Relief USA, based in Alexandria, Va., is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization. Its mission is to alleviate suffering, hunger, illiteracy and disease regardless of color, race, gender or creed, and to provide aid in a compassionate and dignified manner. Islamic Relief USA aims to provide rapid relief in the event of human and natural disasters and to establish sustainable local development projects, allowing communities to better help themselves. Its programs benefit millions of people each year around the world, including in the United States.

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