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Relief organization IHH providing aid to Syrian refugees arriving in Europe

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(Macedonia-AlummahWorld, Dhu-AlHijjah 3, 1436, September 17, 2015) Turkey based IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation providing aid to Syrian refugees arriving in Europe.

According to announcement of the organization, the IHH team currently working at the Kumanovo city of Macedonia where they are providing aid to Syrian refugees who have fled from civil war and is now going through various struggles to reach Europe.
Macedonia is one of the main routes which refugees take to cross borders. Each day there are about 4 thousands refugees entering the country through various paths. Refugees first travel to Izmir in Turkey, then cross over to Greece on boats. Trains are one of the most commonly used methods to travel. They usually cross the Macedonia-Greece border by foot.


IHH reported that the refugees who are able to enter Macedonia head over to the Gevgelija town and from here they catch a train. The train takes them across the other side of the country to Kumanovo which is close to Serbia. Although it seems as though the journey here ok till here, it takes close to four days. The Macedonian government, from time to time, does not allow the refugees to pass. This situation then turns into a crisis for refugees who have came this far in various struggles. The refugees, which involve women and children, cover thousands of kilometers in order to reach Europe.

The IHH team is aiding refugees who have boarded the Macedonia-Serbia train and are crossing over the Serbian border on foot. The aid supplies consists of water, milk, fruit juice, bagels, bread, biscuits and items of the sort which can be consumed quickly. In the near time, we are also planning to distribute baby slings so mothers can carry their children in ease.

The trains are carrying new refugees each day. The IHH team greets new refugees boarding off the train each morning while the sun is still rising and distributes relief packages to them.

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