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Austrian Muslims struggles to stop closure of mosque bill

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(Vienna- AlummahWorld, Safar 27, 1437, December 9, 2015) Austrian Turkish Islamic Union (ATIB) and 60 other associations have recently applied to Constitutional Court for the second time for cancellation of the relevant article in the 'Islamic Law' which proposes closure of mosques in the country.

In a joint statement issued by the association on behalf of ATIB, the group said: "Hundreds of Islamic organizations and mosques will be closed officially."

"Hundreds of Islamic organizations and mosques are facing closure by the Interior Ministry due to the article in the Islamic Law. If passed, these associations, which have the purpose of spreading the teachings of Islam by virtue, will be closed as of March 1, 2016 by the Interior Ministry," the statement said.

According to Islamic Law in the country, mosques operating under associations are forced to take legal entity and join state-controlled Islamic Community in Austria. 

Mosques are unwilling to accept the legal personality to survive and argue that it is their constitutional right to be accepted under associations. 

Approximately 600 thousand Muslims live in Austria and more than 300 mosques operate under association statuses.

According to 2014 estimates, Islam is the second most widely professed religion in Austria, practiced by 7% of the total population. Most Muslims live in the capital Vienna (12.5%) followed by the westernmost state Vorarlberg.

Islamophobea said to be raising in Austria sharply as not only Mosque closure but Muslism in this country also facing severe difficulties in Halal foods as well. In the name of animal welfare, anti-Islamists launching campaigns against life style of Muslims including Halal sector.