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Afghanistan agree to restart talks with Taliban

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(Riyadh- AlummahWorld, Safar 28, 1437, December 10, 2015) After series of diplomatic efforts by Pakistan, Afghanistan agreed to restart dialogue with Taliban.

Heart of Asia ministerial conference in Islamabad brought some fruit full outcomes for the region including announcement of resumption of bilateral talks between Pakistan and India and new developments in suspended Afghan-Taliban dialogue.

Afghan president Ashraf Ghani met with Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Army chief General Raheel Sharif at the outset of Heart of Asia Conference. Pakistan, US and China reportedly agree to facilitate the process.


Group photo of Heart of Asia ministerial meeting participants in Islamabad

The development came after a series of bilateral and trilateral meetings involving the four countries on the sidelines of the Heart of Asia ministerial meeting, where other regional countries also pledged support for the dialogue.

This was disclosed by Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani. “At the trilateral and bilateral meetings we had this afternoon, the main discussion item has been the peace process in Afghanistan. Our allies agreed to work with us in this regard… to bring the reconcilable elements to the table,” he said while talking to reporters on Wednesday.

The declaration issued at the conclusion of the Heart of Asia meeting, meanwhile, urged all Afghan Taliban groups and other armed opposition groups to enter into peace talks with the Afghan government and agreed to put in place specific measures to deny terrorists access to financial and material resources, dismantle their sanctuaries and curtail their ability to recruit and train new terrorists.

The meeting, jointly hosted by Pakistan and Afghanistan, focused on “enhanced cooperation for countering security threats and promoting connectivity in the Heart of Asia region”.

“Afghanistan, Pakistan and US commit to pursuing peace talks immediately. All efforts for dialogue between the Afghan government and Taliban groups will be explored and encouraged. All will pursue with urgency confidence-building measures that reduce the level of violence in Afghanistan and allow for full participation in talks by all participants,” a joint statement issued at the end of the trilateral meeting said.

The declaration also observed that a considerable share of the terrorism financing sources consists of the revenues obtained from drug production and trafficking and participants resolved to begin the process of identifying and countering each of these threats at the national, regional and international level.

In this connection, senior officials from the Heart of Asia process will hold their first meeting within three months of this conference.