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Demonstrations across New Zealand condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza

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(AlummahWorld, Auckland, 17 Aug 2014) Israel receiving unprecedented condemnation from across the Europe for launching attacks and killing Palestinians in Gaza. 

Pro-Palestinian protesters, including Jewish and Christians have marched through Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, urging the Government of Prime Minister John Key to strongly oppose Israel's attacks on Gaza.

The protesters from across the country picketed outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Israeli Embassy. Many Jewish and Christians gathered with Muslim community of New Zealand to condemn Israeli bombing and killing of civilian Palestinians in Gaza.

Demo for Gzaa2

Demo for Gaza

The Palestine Solidarity Network, lead several demonstrations in New Zealand against Israel say they are protesting the genocide of Palestinian people by Israel. Criticizing government of Prime Minister John Key, there is growing demand from the people in NZ that administration should condemn Israeli military attacks on civilian population in Gaza. According to media reports, Joel Cosgrove is on the Palestine Solidarity Committee and says the Government is currently not doing enough to support Gaza.

"The Israeli Government is not a group of naughty boys, so calling the ambassador to tell them off or ask some questions actually isn't enough," he says. "These are people killing thousands of Palestinians consciously."
Meanwhile, six pro-Palestinian protesters entered the New Zealand Superannuation Fund building in Auckland where they chained themselves to an office. They called for the company to pull out their investments from companies which make bombs which are used by Israel. All six were given a warning by police.

Number of organizations in New Zealand planning to hold more anti-Israel rallies across the country while momentum if gaining in UK, Netherland, Germany and Belgium where communities are condemning Israeli bombings and devastating blockade on Gaza.Demonstrations across New Zealand condemn Israeli attacks on Gaza