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Erdogan condemns police violence against labor protestors in France

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(Istanbul-AlummahWorld, 23 Sha`ban,1437 AH, 30 May 2016) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan harshly condemned the violence committed by the French police against peaceful protestors in Paris and said that he is concerned about the silence of international media on Paris and Brussels.

Speaking at a mass opening ceremony in Istanbul's Esenler district, Erdogan criticized international media outlets for remaining silent as street protests and violent police crackdowns are taking over Paris and Brussels.

He referred to the Gezi Park incident which took place three years ago, when violent protestors burned vehicles, and attacked local stores.

"The media outlets which had uninterrupted live broadcasts in Istanbul are now blind, deaf and mute against this incident" Erdogan said, and underscored that he is concerned about the police brutality on protestors in France.

Amid a fresh wave of protests over a bitterly disputed labor law, many videos showing police and security forces apparently using disproportionate force on labor protesters have attracted viewers and controversy, including a police officer aggressively shoving a woman and throwing her to the ground