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Saudi King Salman vows to hit extremists with an ‘iron fist’

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld, 01 Shawwal 1437 AH, 06 July 2016) Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz on Tuesday vowed to hit back with an “iron fist” religious extremists who target the country's youth, in a speech marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

"The biggest challenge facing the Islamic nation is to preserve real wealth and hope for the future of the young who face the risk of extremism and malicious calls pushing them to abnormal behaviors and practices..." Salman said.

The speech was carried by the official Saudi Press Agency on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr on Wednesday.


Saudi King Salman Message on the Eid Al Fitr


My brother Muslims,

The difference and sedition witnessed in the Islamic world today, necessitates on all of us to exert the utmost effort to unify our word and rank and work together to solve the problems of the Islamic nation and reach victory for its issues. However, the most biggest obstacle and challenge facing our Islamic natgion is how to keep its youths, the real wealth and hope of future, away from the dangers facing them, particularly extremism and violence and distance them from masterminds of deluting and misleading ideas which force them to behave oddly, strange and extraordinary contradicing nature, the principles of our Islamic religion and the pillars and values of our Islamic societies. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined, God willing, to beat with an iron fist who ever target misleading the minds and ideas of our youths. The society should be aware that it is partner of the State in its fight against this deviated thought as we, all of us, follow the instructions of our Islamic religion which bars bloodshed and embargoes violation of public money, noting our position in the heart of the Islamic world, our graced role of serving Islam and support for Muslims all over the world, particularly their legitimate issues, led by the Palestinian cause.

My borthers and sisters,

On the eve of blessed Eid Al-Fitry, I call upon all of you to remain optimistic and hopeful of a bright and better near future, thanking God Almighty to have graced us of numerous seen and unseen blessings. We appeal to Him to lead us to good deeds and reforms, preserve our country and all Mulsim countries from harms and evils, bestow mercy upon the souls of our martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the sake of their religion and nation, and mercy upon the souls of all dead Muslims. And happy new year.

Wa Alsalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allahi Wa Barakatu.