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Turkish Armed Forces successfully foiled coup attempt, acting Chief of Staff says

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(Istanbul-AlummahWorld, Shawwal 11, 1437 AH, 16 July 2016) Turkish Acting Chief of Staff Umit Dundar said on Saturday that the Turkish Armed Forces have immediately brought down the coup attempt by the Gulenist Terror Organization.

Speaking in a press conference in Istanbul, Dundar said that the commanders seized by coup plotters have been taken to an unknown location and that coup attempt was largely by troops from the Turkish Air Forces, Daily Sabah reported.

''Turkey has shown the world its commitment to democracy,'' Dundar said.

Touching upon the death toll as a result of the coup attempt, Dundar noted that 90 people were killed, including 41 police officers, 47 civilians, while 1,154 people were injured, and added that 104 pro-coup figures have also been killed.

Meanwhile, Turkish people gathered around the squares across the country including capital Ankara and Istanbul to in solidarity with democratic Turkish government and against failed attempted coup. They expressed anger against the US for sheltering Fetullah Gulen who is accused of leading a terrorist organization and trying to destabilize Turkish government.

Turkish government repeatedly demanded Washington to expel or handover Gulen. Many angry Turkish demonstrators in Istanbul on Saturday accused Washington and US President Obama for conspiring against democracy and democratic government in Turkey by supporting a terrorist network lead by alleged terrorist Fetullah Gulen.