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Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Bahrain and Kuwait welcomes return of situation in Turkey to normal

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(Istanbul-AlummahWorld, Shawwal 11, 1437 AH, 16 July 2016) An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia said in a statement today that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia followed with great concern the developments in the brotherly Republic of Turkey, which would result in destabilizing its security and stability in addition to tampering with the prosperity of its brotherly people.

The source expressed Saudi Arabia's welcome of the return of situation in Turkey to normal under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his elected government and in the framework of the constitutional legitimacy supported by the will of the Turkish people.

The source concluded the statement by expressing Saudi Arabia's keenness on Turkey's security, stability and prosperity.

The State of Qatar has expressed its strong denunciation and condemnation of the military coup attempt, lawlessness, and violation of the constitutional legitimacy in the Republic of Turkey.

In a statement, The Foreign Ministry stressed the State of Qatar's solidarity with the fraternal Republic of Turkey in all the legal measures the legitimate Turkish government takes to maintain the security and stability of Turkey and its fraternal people.

The statement also called for the need to preserve the constitutional legitimacy, respect for the will of the Turkish people, reject violence, and not to take any step that would undermine security and stability in the fraternal Republic of Turkey.

Government of Pakistan strongly condemned attempted coup in Turkey and expressed full support to the the government and people of Turkey. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Saturday strongly condemned the attempt to undermine democracy by a failed coup in Turkey and reaffirmed full support to its democratic institutions.

A statement released by the PM House quoted the Prime Minister as saying “we deeply admire the resolve of the brave and resilient Turkish people, who stood up against the forces of darkness and anarchy to express their support and commitment to democracy.”

The Prime Minister in his remarks on the failed coup attempt in Turkey said “we express our complete support and solidarity with President Erdogan, the democratically elected government of Turkey and the democratic institutions of Turkey.”

The Kingdom of Bahrain welcomed the restoration of situations in Turkey to normality, confirming its rejection to tampering with the constitutional legitimacy, under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his elected government, or any attempt that would otherwise destabilize security and peace in the Republic of Turkey.

In a statement carried by the official Bahrain news agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain confirmed the solidarity of Bahrain with Turkey and its support to all the measures taken by the State to enhance its stability, protect the institutions, preserve the gains and continue their efforts for development and prosperity of the Turkish people.

Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber congratulated Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erdogan on restoring the legitimacy and democracy in the wake of the recent upheavel in Turkey.