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“We won’t leave the squares empty”: Erdogan call on nation

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(Istanbul-AlummahWorld, Shawwal 13, 1437 AH, 18 July 2016) Turkish President Erdogan repeated his call on citizens to take to the streets and not to leave the squares empty, he was ddressing citizens that gathered in front of his residence in Istanbul’s Kısıklı neighbourhood.


President Erdogan addressed citizens, who gathered in front of his residence in Istanbul’s Kısıklı neighbourhood to protest the coup attempt of some soldiers linked to the FETO/PDY (Fethullahist Terror Organization/Parallel State Structure).


Commencing his address by saluting the citizens wholeheartedly, President Erdogan said “we laid our 9 martyrs to rest today” and wished Allah’s mercy upon them.


Pointing out that funerals were held today all across the country for the martyrs, President Erdogan stressed “we won’t leave the squares empty” and he continued: “My dear brothers and sisters, you have already given the necessary answer in the most proper way to the relevant people by taking to the streets since our call to do so. But we shouldn’t stop. We will continue to foil their plans. Because they are in a metastatic phase just like a cancerous virus. We will be alert and act in unity and solidarity. We will not let them usurp our country. They have now learned their first lesson.”


In response to citizens’ slogans of “we want death penalty,” President Erdogan said: “As the government and state we hear this demand of yours at all squares. We cannot ignore your demand. What matters in democracies is what people say. We should know this. We will reach a decision on the issue after talks with the government, main opposition and opposition. We cannot delay this decision too much. Because those who stage a coup against the state in this country should pay the price for it.”


Emphasising that necessary documents and written messages will be sent to the U.S. and western countries, President Erdogan stated: “We will request the repatriation of the Fethullahist terror organization’s leader from the U.S. and will see our friends’ attitude. Fethullahist terror organization has been included in the National Security Policy Document by name. Each of the court decisions is an evidence. This coup is the most important evidence. We will send these evidences to them and request the repatriation. We will request the repatriation from western countries, too. We will see what they will do. We will see whether they will repatriate him or not.”


Noting that the Fethullahist terror organization strafed the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) and the Presidential Complex, President Erdogan, in reference to the eight crews in the helicopter that fled to Greece following the failed coup attempt, said: “They wanted to escape to Greece by a helicopter. Right after that, I had a phone talk with Mr. Tsipras. He said they would immediately hand over the helicopter. He also said they would hand over the 8 people in the helicopter within 15-20 days. They have nowhere to escape. We will see who is sincere and who is not.”