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Syrian people cannot accept Bashar al-Assad in the power: Al-Jubeir

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(Riyadh-AlummahWorld, Dhu-AlHijjah 05, 1437 AH, 09 September 2016) Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Adel Ahmed Al-Jubeir stressed that the Syrian people cannot accept Bashar al-Assad in the power after killing, displacement and destruction inflicted on their country and that the Syrian people will decide to start a political transition period, which should be without Bashar, stressing that Geneva 1 Declaration called for transferring power from Bashar Al-Assad before leaving the Syrian territory.

According to Saudi Press Agency, this came in interviews Al-Jubeir held at the headquarters of Saudi Embassy with a number of British and Arab journalists and media men.

On changes in Syrian affairs after the meeting held recently in London on Syria, he said that the situation has not changed, and Bashar al-Assad s regime is still practicing repression of civilians, believing that Bashar won t change his approach during the coming period.

Al-Jubeir pointed out that the Syrian opposition has offered serious vision to resolve the Syrian crisis, including the transition of power and strengthen of democracy process, while the Syrian regime didn`t put forward any alternative plan to reach a solution, stressing that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not support any parties but only by coalition forces, according to the United Nations resolutions that have already listed Daesh and Al Nusra Front as terrorist organizations.