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Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo organized Hajj training program

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(Tokyo, AlummahWorld, Dhu-AlHijjah 09, 1437, September 10, 2016Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo Organized a Hajj training program in which number of Japanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Pakistanis and other Muslim going to the Hajj took part.

Shaikh Dr. Sa’d Bin Naser Al-Shethri, one of the members of the Council of Senior  Scholars

and the adviser to the Royal Court in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave a lecture and briefed about the Manasik Al Hajj. Dr.  Sa’d Bin Naser Al-Shethri is an author of many books and academic work in Islamic Shariah. He worked as a professor at the Faculty of Shariah at Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh.


Hujjaj from Japan leaving for Makkah Al Mukarramah

The Hajj training program was arranged for those who are going to participate in Hajj tour from Japan this year and those who want to learn about the rituals of Hajj. At the opening, Dr. Naser Bin Muhammad Al-Omaim welcomed honorable guests from Saudi Arabia and emphasized that the training will help to smoothly performing the Hajj.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sa’d Bin Naser Al-Shethri, with the help of  map and pictures, explained about

the Manasik Al Hajj and facilities arranged by the government of Saudi Arabia to 

facilitate all the participants from around the world.