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Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to fighting terrorism: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif

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(New York-AlummahWorld, Dhu-AlHijjah 20, 1437 AH, 22 September 2016) The 71st session of the United Nations general assembly continued its deliberations in New York today in the participation of heads of state, governments and delegates of the member countries.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior and Head of the delegation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the annual 71st session of the General Assembly of the United Nations delivered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia`s speech.

At the beginning, he congratulated Mr. Peter Thomson on his election as president of the 71st session of the general assembly, wishing him every success.

The Crown Prince said that the Kingdom has, since joining the organization as a constituent member, exerted strenuous efforts to achieve the noble objectives to which all member countries are gearing for and is continuing its good efforts, under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to contribute to bringing about peace and lay the foundations for security and stability, not only in our region, but also all over the world.

The Kingdom attaches great importance to fighting terrorism as its has been among the first to suffer from terrorism since long, he said, adding that since, 1992, the Kingdom was target to more than 100 terrorist operations, including 18 carried out by elements with links to regional countries.

He said the Kingdom managed to conclude an agreement with Arab countries to combat terrorism well before the 11th of September bombings and since was launching an unlenient war against terror organizations.

He added that the Kingdom has issued a package of regulations and measures to criminalize terrorism and its finance and joined more than 12 international agreements and with partnership with the United States of America and the Republic of Italy has chaired a task group of the alliance for combating the finance of Daesh and within its endeavor to correct the deviated thought, it has established Mohammed bin Naif Center for Advice and Care while the Senior Ulema Commission has issued a Fatwa (edict) embargoing terrorism, financing it or joining its terror organizations.


The crown prince emphasized the need for the Middle East to be a zone free of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction and the importance of setting a date for the convening of the international conference on the establishment of a nuclear-free zone in the Middle East.

The crown prince said that the kingdom is committed to promoting, protecting and ensuring human rights according to the principles of Islamic law and that the Kingdom rejects exploiting the freedom of expression to insult and defame religions and renews its recommendation on the importance of the adoption of laws that criminalize it.

The crown prince said that the kingdom calls for the adoption of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that should not discriminate against any source of energy, and that these sources must be looked at as complementary - and not substitutes for each other - in a way that contributes to achieving sustainable development for all. He added that in this regard, the kingdom has invested in the development of new technologies to curb and isolate carbon as part of its efforts to preserve the environment.

The crown prince noted the importance of the sustainable development plan for 2030, approved by the General Assembly last year, adding that the kingdom launched its vision (2030), which is based on the fundamental pillars of the Arab and Islamic depth, the strategic geographical location and investment strength. He added that the vision aims to advance its economy, and bring about a qualitative leap in the sectors of energy, industry, health, education, tourism, and others, achieving an increase in non-oil exports, and creating an attractive environment for local and international investors, as well as opening the door widely to the private sector through its encouragement to be a major partner with the state in providing job opportunities for the citizens and advanced services in all sectors including health care, education and housing.

The crown prince said that the Kingdom will spare no effort in working with the international community in order to achieve good for mankind, and will continue to perform its humanitarian, political and economic role, and support for the ongoing efforts to introduce the necessary reforms at United Nations' organs, and that the kingdom is confident that the United Nations will be able to respond effectively to the challenges of tomorrow and for future generations to enjoy security, stability and prosperity.

The Kingdom is the cradle of the Two Holy Mosques and direction of Muslims, from its lands the teachings of Islam has emanated, the religion of peace, which owes more than one billion and five hundred million followers. It was among the first countries that have condemned and denounced terrorist attacks of September, expressed full solidarity with the United States and mobilized all its potential to help, in tracking down this criminal group, to weed it out and rid the world of its evils, he stated.

Saudi security apparatuses have also managed to detect 268 terrorist operations and thwarted them before they occur, including operations which were directed against friendly countries, he asserted.

However, to the surprise of the Kingdom and the international community, passing of a law, in the United States, which eliminates the most important principles, on which the international system was found, which is the principle of sovereign immunity, he added, indicating that that law would entail extremely negative consequences, which should not be accepted by the international community.

The fight against terrorism is a shared international responsibility that requires concerted international efforts, at all levels to confront it, militarily and intellectually, financially, in the media, he emphasized, noting that this requires cooperation in accordance with the rules of international law and the principles upon which the United Nations was founded, and in particular the principle of sovereign equality.

Saudi Arabia hails the role played by the Riyadh-based Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism, which has been established by 40 Islamic states, and the Kingdom provided it with all facilities and support needed to lead the collective action of the Member States to fight terrorism, it hopes to join the international community, in support of the international center for combating terrorism and activating it, under the umbrella of the United Nations, which the Kingdom provided with $ 110 million, in support, he commented.

The suffering of the Palestinian people from tragedies requires the international community to take all measures to stop the suffering of this steadfast people, he pointed out, confirming the stance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that the Arab Peace Initiative, is the foundation for a comprehensive, lasting and just peace in the region, enabling the Palestinian people to restore their legitimate rights and establish their independent state, with Al-Quds, as its capital, he reaffirmed, reiterating condemning repeated Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and frequent storming of its precincts, in addition to excavations by the Israeli authorities, in and around the mosque, which threaten the safety of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Crown Prince told the general assembly that countries of coalition have stood by supporting the legitimacy alongside the Yemeni brotherly people when a minor group backed by foreign agents seized power by arms. The international community also expressed its full rejection for this coup in Sanaa. We would like to emphasize that the Kingdom fully supports the efforts of special envoy of the Secretary-General to reach a political solution, as he submitted a balanced proposal in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution (2216), the Gulf initiative and outputs of national dialogue conference. This proposal is accepted by the legitimate government of Yemen and rejected by the coup leaders who still kill, besiege the Yemeni people and attack the borders of the Kingdom and its cities and villages with ballistic missiles and causing the killing and wounding of civilians.

The Kingdom is the largest supporter of humanitarian operations in Yemen. In general, the Kingdom humanitarian and development assistance to the 95 states nearly reached 2% of its income, as well as of the attention given to humanitarian action which resulted in the establishment of the Riyadh-based King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Works Center.

He stated that the conflict in Syria, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of victims and the injured and displaced millions, required from us all to expedite an end to this terrible tragedy, which has not been seen in the recent history. It's time to find a political solution to the crisis through securing the unity of Syria and maintaining its institutions due to implementation of the decisions of the Geneva.

The Kingdom provided shelters for hundreds of thousands of Syrian people since the beginning of the crisis, not as refugees in the camps, but the Kingdom dealt with them from moral, fraternal and humanitarian perspectives in order to preserve their dignity and integrity, he said, adding that the Kingdom provided them with all the necessary facilities, free health care, and access to labor market and education.

Regarding the situation in Libya, we call upon the brothers to seek completing construction of a new state, and combating terrorist groups.

With regard to the situation in Iraq, we stress importance of maintaining Iraq's unity, territorial integrity and combating all terrorist organizations, condemning any acts lead to sectarian violence and division.

The Crown Prince said that the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Tehran and its consulate in Mashhad on last January were stormed and attacked under the sight of the Iranian authorities which have not lived up to their duty to provide adequate protection in accordance with the binding international agreements. We call upon the Iranian authorities to carry out their duties in this regard in accordance with the requirements of international law. Iran's relationship with the countries of the region should be based on good neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of the states and bring an end to its occupation of the three UAE islands.