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Indian paramilitary forces killed another young boy in occupied Kashmir

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(Srinagar-AlummahWorld, 07 Muharram,1438 AH, 08 October 2016)  Indian forces fired shotgun pellets and tear gas Saturday as thousands carried the body of a 13 year old young boy killed overnight during an anti-India protest in Srinagar, the capital of Indian occupied Kashmir.

Chanting slogans “Go India, go back” and “We want freedom”, thousands of residents marched to the main Martyr's Graveyard in Srinagar for the burial of the 13-year-old boy Junaid Ahmad Bhat.

The boy was critically injured on Friday evening after he was hit by shotgun pellets all over his body and died at a hospital early Saturday.

Residents said the young student was hit inside his home compound, some 30 feet from clashes between protesters and government forces. Police say he was part of the clashes.

Police and paramilitary soldiers fired warning shots, pellets and tear gas, fearing the procession could become a larger rally seeking an end of Indian rule in the disputed Himalayan region, said a police officer, speaking on condition of anonymity in keeping with department policy.

Clashes broke out as hundreds of young men hurled rocks at the troops while another group of mourners changed route to bury the dead.

On Friday, at least 50 people were injured during dozens of clashes as tens of thousands of Kashmiris protested against Indian rule.

Government forces continued firing shotguns to disperse angry crowds as usual despite widespread outcry against such weapons by local and international rights groups that have sought their ban. The pellets have killed at least six people and left hundreds of civilians with serious eye injuries, with dozens losing their eyesight.

The protests, and a sweeping military crackdown, have all but paralyzed life in the region. More than 80 civilians have been killed and thousands injured, with hundreds among them blinded and maimed, mostly by government forces firing bullets and shotgun pellets at rock-throwing protesters.

Two policemen have also been killed and hundreds of government forces injured in the clashes.

Most people in Indian-held Kashmir favor independence or a merger with Pakistan. A militant uprising and subsequent Indian military crackdown since 1989 have killed more than 68,000 people.