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Kuwait bans visa issuance to five nationalities including Pakistan

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(Manama-AlummahWorld, Jumada Al-Ualaa 9, 1438, February 6, 2017)Kuwait has banned nationals from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan from entering the country, local media have reported. The report shocked many in the Islamic world as it came after a similar ban for seven Islamic countries from US administration of President Donald.

The ban includes suspending all tourism, visit and trade visas as well as visas sponsored by spouses, immigration sources said, quoted by Kuwaiti media on Saturday.

Passport holders from the countries will no longer be allowed to enter the Gulf state while the blanket ban is in place and have been told not to apply the visas. 

They attributed the blanket visa ban to the "difficult security conditions in the five countries" and to "the remarkably increasing tendency of nationals from the five countries to apply for visas to bring in relatives who faced or could face arrest by the local authorities to Kuwait."

The sources said the authorities insisted that no exception in the visa application would be tolerated, but added that the ban was temporarily and would be lifted after the security situation stabilized.

Last month, a social affairs and labor official denied reports that Kuwait was planning to impose a ban on issuing visas to nationals from the five countries.

Kuwait has issued a number of laws targeting foreigners in recent years, and made it one of the most unfriendly Gulf states towards expatriates.

In 2015, Kuwait was named as the worst place in the world for expatriates in a 64 country InterNations survey. 

The country heavily depends on expatriates for general labor and other expertise fields such as Mechanicals Engineering, Clectrical Engineering and Information Technology.