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Saudi Arabia is an important ally in combating terrorism: British Prime Minister

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld-Rajab 6, 1438H) British Prime Minister Theresa May stressed the importance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an important ally in combating terrorism and in the field of economy as well.

In a statement, the Regional Media and Communication Center of the British Government, explained that the visit the British Prime Minister will make to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is to confirm that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a close and important ally and that Britain will continue to work closely in a range of areas, particularly on counter-terrorism where UK-Saudi cooperation is vital, Saudi news agency SPA reported.

May said: "To tackle the threats we face from terrorism and from geopolitical instability, we must meet them at their source. We must never forget that intelligence we have received in the past from Saudi Arabia has saved potentially hundreds of lives in the UK."

The statement highlighted the commercial cooperation between the two countries, pointing out that the UK Prime Minister will explore ways of boosting already very strong ties between the two countries where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently the UK’s largest trading partner in the Middle East, with exports of British goods standing at £4.67 billion and services at £1.9 billion in 2015.

There is so much we can do together on trade, with immense potential for Saudi investment to provide a boost to the British economy, she concluded.