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Terrorist attacks killed 35 in Pakistan`s largest province bordering Afghanistan and Iran

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(Quetta-AlummahWorld-Sha'ban18,1438H) Terrorist attacks killed 35 in Pakistan`s largest province of Baluchistan where a convoy of Senate`s Deputy Chairman killed 25 and unknown gunmen killed 10 construction workers on the outskirts of Gawadar city who were working on a road project linked to the multi-billion-dollar China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The latest attack coincides with the signing of several agreements aimed at boosting cooperation in different sectors between Pakistan and China on the sidelines of the Road and Belt Forum currently being held in the Chinese capital, Beijing, on Saturday. 

Gawadar with its 600-kilometer (373-mile) long coastline hosts a key deep seaport operated by China, which aims to get direct access to the Indian Ocean in line with its over $51 billion CPEC megaproject.

The much-publicized project agreed in 2014 aims to connect China's strategically-important northwestern Xinxiang province to Gawadar port through a network of roads, railways and pipelines to transport cargo, oil and gas.

The economic corridor will not only provide China with cheaper access to Africa and the Middle East markets but will also benefit Pakistan which would receive billions of dollars for providing transit facilities to the world’s second-largest economy.

Earlier on Friday, a bomb exploded next to a convoy of the deputy chairman of the Pakistan Senate on Friday in the same province near the town of Mastung, 50 km (30 miles) from the provincial capital of Quetta., killing at least 25 people and injured more than 35.

Senator Abdul Ghafoor Haideri, the deputy chairman of the upper house of parliament said he was the target and he had sustained minor injuries.

Security in Pakistan has improved since a crackdown on militancy began in 2014, but a fresh wave of attacks that left more than 100 people dead in February has increased pressure on Sharif's government.

Mastung police official Ghazanfar Ali Shah said the convoy appeared to have been hit by a suicide bomber, adding Haideri's driver was among those killed.

The senator, who is being treated in hospital, was on his way back to Quetta after distributing graduation certificates to students from a madrassa, or religious academy.

Foreign sponsored militants in Baluchistan have waged a campaign against the government forces. Pakistan accused India and Afghanistan for interference in Baluchistan. In recent days Iranian backed militants are blamed for number of incidents. Many officials in the province believes that India, Afghanistan and Iran are trying to destabilized the province due to megaproject of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor in which China announced an investment of over $50 billions.

Killing of over 35 peoples in the Baluchistan province just days before the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation scheduled for May 14 and 15 in Beijing, China rising fingers on India, Afghanistan and Iran. India on several occasion expressed opposition to the mega projects while Iran expressed intention to have share.