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Pakistan National Solidarity Forum observed Kashmir Day in Jeddah

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorldJumada Al-Ualaa 10, 1438, February 7, 2017) Pakistan National Solidarity Forum organized Kashmir Solidarity Day in Jeddah for which Pakistani expatriates and number of representatives of Pakistani political parties, social and religious organizations came together to express their commitment and solidarity with peoples of Jammu and Kashmir.

The gathering was presided by Malik Abid Aiwan while Press consul of Pakistani consulate in Jeddah Mr. Arshad Nayyar took part as a honorary guest. Convener of the PNSF Mr. Riaz Bukhari emphasizes importance of the Kashmir Day which united and brought together Pakistani in Jeddah from all circles of lives.  "Kashmir and Pakistan are always together and we standby with our Kashmiri brothers no matter where we are". He added. 


Mr. Khaleel Ahmad, Mr. Tariq, Mr. Ahmad Bashir, Khalid Gujjar, Choudhry Riaz and Mr. Sardar Iqbal also addresses the gathering.

Participants condemned India and brutality of Indian forces who are murdering innocent Kashmiris and trying to suppress their freedom struggles. Pakistani and Kashmiris expatriates in Jeddah assures their solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir.


Describing Kashmir issue an "unfinished agenda of partition and the oldest disputes in the UN Security Council, speakers noted that for the last seven decades India has denied the people of Kashmir the right to self-determination promised to them by the international community through numerous UN Security Council resolutions".



"The people of Pakistan join their Kashmiri brothers and sisters in observing Kashmir Solidarity Day today to reaffirm our moral and political support to the legitimate struggle of the Kashmiri people for their basic human rights, especially the right to self-determination enshrined in the relevant UN Security Council resolutions," one of the speakers said.

Most of the participants urged United Nation to stop Indian occupation and brutality in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. They expressed deep concern about inactive role of United Nations and other international bodies for failing to stop Indian occupation, state terrorism and mass killing of peace loving peoples in Jammu and Kashmir.