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Kuwait hands Qatar list of demands from other GCC members to end crisis

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(Kuwait-AlummahWorld-Ramadan29,1438H) Crisis among member nations of Gulf Cooperation Council apparently getting worst as Kuwait has reportedly handed over a list of demands to Qatar from neigboring countries Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt, who all cut diplomatic and economic ties with Qatar earlier this month.

The list of demands conveyed by mediator Kuwait, included shutting down Al Jazeera, cutting diplomatic ties with Iran and immediately halting the establishing of a Turkish military base in Qatar and ending any military cooperation with the NATO member.

A day earlier, the UAE state minister for foreign affairs Anwar Gargash declared a list of demands in order for the Gulf countries and Egypt to end boycotting Qatar. The demands also include ending Doha’s support for terrorists and abandoning internationally and regionally listed figures.

Gargash reportedly insisted that if Qatar seeks to restore relations, it must abide by the decisions of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and to stop its financing of extremism and terrorist movements in Syria and Libya and to abandon hosting listed figures.

He added that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad abandoned his father's policies when signing the Riyadh agreement in 2014, especially after he was embarrassed by the tapes that showed Gaddafi's plans to assassinate King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Gargash questioned Qatar’s exchange of hostages in Iraq and Syria in return for large sums of money that later were distributed to Shiite and Sunni terrorist groups.

“If Qatar is seeking a separation with its policies, the ‘divorce’ will happen” even if its facilities and airport remain open to the world, it will remain detached from its surroundings, he added.

According to several media reports demands presented to Qatar says that Doha must immediately close Turkey’s military base and halt military cooperation with Turkey in Qatar. The reports also said the countries have given Doha 10 days to comply. The list was handed over to Qatar by Kuwait, which is mediating in the dispute.

Kuwait did not full contents of demand while Doha did not react sharply. Arab analysts wondering if the crisis can be solved quickly as they see such demands to stern which may not be acceptable for Doha.