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Las Vegas mass killing reveals Trump`s contradiction on Terrorism

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(Las Vegas-AlummahWorld- Muharram 14, 1439H) U.S President Donald Trump`s statement regarding recent Las Vegas mass shooting revealed a deep contradiction of stance by president Trump who openly and promptly called such incidents as terrorism in the past.

On Tuesday, Trump described the terrorist behind the Las Vegas mass shooting as a "sick," "demented" individual instead of a terrorist without giving any explanation about what prevented him to declare Las Vegas`s mass killer a terrorist.

"He was a sick man. A demented man, a lot of problems," Trump told reporters as he left the U.S. capital for Puerto Rico. "We are dealing with a very, very sick individual."

Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old gambler and retired accountant, was identified as the shooter who fired on a huge crowd at an outdoor country music concert, killing 59 and injuring over 500. His religion was not revealed by the police or any U.S media outlet although they prompt to reveal religion of such mass killer if the killer is a Muslim.

It could be noteworthy that after San Bernardino shooting that killed 14 people Trump said: “I think Islam hates us”.

According to a report published by Turkish Daily Sabah, NBC News senior political editor Mark Murray emphasized a sharp contrast between Trump's immediate response to Las Vegas and his responses to attacks in London, San Bernardino, and Orlando. After the latter three Trump targeted Islam and urged tough stance against terrorism. After San Bernardino, the then-presidential candidate also proposed the so-called "Muslim ban."

Many argued that double standards were being applied when it comes to labeling deadly attacks depending on race and/or religion of the perpetrator, sparking a hot debate on various platforms. Beside president Trump, some media outlets calling Las Vegas mass killer as shooter, gunman, psychological or lone wolf. May in Islamic world are argued that calling Las Vegas terrorism incident as shooting and labeling a terrorist as gunman or shooter revealed a double standard of the U.S and Western world on terrorism.

It is also unclear why the U.S president and the media did not mention the religion of Las Vegas mass killer Paddock or whether they are collectively persuading a policy of labeling Muslims, the flowers of Islam as terrorist.

U.S and other Western media reported that investigators are trying to establish a motive for the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, but so far have been unable to pin down what drove Paddock to shoot into the crowds from a 32nd-floor hotel room. One the other hand, it is questionable that if the investigators still trying to establish a motive for the mass shooting, why the president Trump and the U.S media calling Paddock just a shooter, gunman or lone wolf? Growing number of Muslims seeking to know religion and motives of Las Vegas mass killer who not only killed 59 and injured more than 500 innocents but terrorizes the U.S, tourism industry and the world.