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OIC in International Conference on reconstruction of Gaza

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(Jeddah-AlummahWorld 13 Oct 2014) The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), represented by the Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Ambassador Hesham Yousef, participated in the international donors’ conference on the reconstruction of Gaza on Sunday 12 October 2014. The OIC’s participation in the conference is in line with the Final Communiqué of the 2nd extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of OIC foreign ministers held on 12 August 2014 to discuss the Israeli aggression of the Gaza Strip, which called for a donors’ conference with a view to reconstructing destruction caused by the aggression, opening the crossings and facilitating delivery of humanitarian aid to the Strip.

It would be recalled that the OIC General Secretariat had dispatched a joint humanitarian mission to Gaza on 2 September 2014, led by Ambassador Yousef, and comprised of representatives of OIC General Secretariat, the Islamic Development Bank, the Islamic Solidarity Fund and the State of Palestine. The mission toured the Gaza Strip as part of a fact-finding assignment, and recorded the damages caused by the Israeli war on Gaza with a view to submitting a separate report to Member States.

The humanitarian dimension of the Israeli war against the Gaza Strip has formed the basis of the OIC’s position and the activities of its Secretary General over the past months, through which the latter called for a lifting of the Israeli embargo on Gaza. The OIC described the international conference in Cairo as a necessary step on the road to lifting the lifting of the Israeli embargo and enabling the Palestinian people to get means of decent living as part of just and comprehensive resolutions.